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5 Offbeat Ways to Show Off Your Succulents

Do you tend to kill plants? Try your hand at succulents, and check out some of these interesting ways to show them off.

Invite Pollinators into Your Garden with a Bee Habitat

Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a serious threat to our food future. Bees pollinate around 1/3 of the food that we see on store shelves. If we are going to continue to feed ourselves, we need to protect bees and other pollinators. This bee habitat is a great way for you to help native bees in your area!

Spotted: Upcycled Candles from Old Wine Bottles

You know that I love a good wine-related craft, and these upcycled bottle candles from Rewined are rocking my socks!

Bottlecap Art: Mixed Media Assemblage by Leigh Kirkland

I spotted this awesome bottlecap fish at Sweet Melissa's, a breakfast place in downtown Decatur, GA. Isn't it awesome?

Fed Up! The Truth about Sugar

Sugar seems pretty innocuous, but more and more research is showing that sugar (in all its forms) is really terrible for our bodies. Some researchers and doctors even say that it's one of the great public health epidemics of our time. Really...? Yes, really. Finally there is a film that covers our sugar-laden lifestyles. Fed […]

5 Upcycled Art Ideas

Need to spruce up your walls a bit? Try a few of these sweet upcycled art ideas!

Dog Portrait Made from Reclaimed Cardboard

Artist Ali Golzad created the awesome dog portrait pictured above out of reclaimed corrugated cardboard, but his depth as an artist goes much deeper.

Closure of California's last nuclear power plant questioned

There are doubts over the planned closure of California's Diablo Canyon nuclear power station following the recent energy crisis. The station currently serves as the state's largest power supplier, accounting for over 9% of the state's energy needs. It has the capacity to serve a population of overA 3 million residents.A [...]

Biodegradable packaging could replace plastic food wrapping

Scientists have developed a new plant-based coating for food that could replace plastic. The biodegradable coating is environmentally sustainable, but also a public health solution thanks to its antibacterial properties. The product comes in the form of a solution that is sprayed directly onto foods, protecting them from disease-causing microbes and from damage during transportation.[...]

The BioBased concrete tiles cut carbon emissions and waste

BioBased tiles are a new sustainable building material being used to create sustainable facades for buildings. They replace traditional building materials and lower carbon emissions. Along with their sister product WasteBasedBricks from StoneCycling, BioBased tiles can be used to build structures that are stronger than traditional buildings, while significantly reducing waste.[...]

New travel book "Around the World in 80 Spiritual Places"

I frequently visit cemeteries, but was especially excited to be at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn last month. This historic cemetery is an enormous greenspace, fronted by gothic arches and full of birds, prairie dogs, flowering trees and interesting monuments to people ranging from obscure to celebrities. I was drawn to a pyramid-shaped tomb with a huge gold sculpture of animals leaning on the grassy hill below it. [...]

Artwork brings attention to the urgency of climate change

Exculpatio by Nomad Studio and Global R&D Cemex is a silent demonstration and sculptural space that explores the lack of substantial action on climate change. Hosted in Venice and Switzerland, it's part of the exhibition called PERSONAL STRUCTURES curated by the European Cultural Centre during the Venice Biennale 2022. The project looks at speech surrounding sustainability through concrete as a creative counterpart. The design morphs and adapts to its environment, and now stands in Switzerland in the form of two rectangular monoliths.[...]

Undergraduate students develop glow-in-the-dark concrete

In efforts to find solutions to world power problems, students at the America University in Cairo have developed glow-in-the-dark concrete as part of their graduation project. The building material would help cut down on the power used for street lighting and road signage.[...]

Illinois encourages carp consumption to save native species

The state of Illinois has started a campaign to encourage more people to eat the invasive carp fish. This project is an effort to save local species that have been threatened since its introduction in the 1960s to remove algae from the Deep South sewage lagoons, and escape into the Mississippi River and Great Lakes.[...]

A home that incorporates recycled materials from the jobsite

Located in the coastal town of Alibaug, near Mumbai, the House of Concrete Experiments is a residential project. The home was built for a client who attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and showed a willingness to experiment with the designs presented by Lead Architect Samira Rathod.A [...]

Big Ship's solutions for a flourishing Kenyan coastline

The densely-populated, low-income regions in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya often struggle to maintain a healthy living environment. Lack of waste-management facilities and extensive environmental degradation often exacerbate these problems. To alleviate poverty and prevent further harm to the environment, a group of conservation activists founded Big Ship in 2010. The organization is dedicated to providing community-focused solutions to local problems in Mombasa. By addressing these challenges, the organization targets several of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including those pertaining to socio-economic growth, environmental reestablishment and sustainable living.[...]

Solar-power EcoPod mobile device is a pop-up on air quality

Some days, you step outside and you know that the air quality is lower or higher than the day before. But until the EcoPod, you haven't been able to prove it. Now, you can monitor your air quality and get data about it. If knowledge is power, the EcoPod is the power to change the world. Itas time to get a whole lot smarter about air.[...]

Massive sunspot glares at the Earth

A hugeA sunspotA has been seen within firing rage of the earth. It's reported to have grown double in size in just under 24 hours, and is as large as three times the size of the Earth, according to experts. The size is sparking fears for some over the possibility of it sending flares, however, experts told US Today that there is no cause for alarm.[...]

Lime pilots electric scooter with comfort features and long-distance capabilities

Mobility company Lime has started testing an all-electric scooter with long-distance capabilities and a top speed of 20 mph, which it intends to introduce to its fleet soon. The company is known for its proactive approach to tackling climate issues with most of its vehicles running on electricity.[...]

Asahi Kasei AKXY2 concept car is electrifying the future

Asahi Kasei is celebrating its centennial by releasing a new concept car called AKXY2, an exploration of how values for sustainability, satisfaction and society influence future mobility. Asahi Kasei is a Japanese multinational company that works in multiple industries. The company's new concept car looks at how the need for sustainability paired with the needs of society and drivers shape how we drive in a society that is moving toward automation and electrification.[...]

The benefits of adaptive reusing old buildings into new

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Itas a phrase weave all become accustomed to hearing. Some products and materials are commonly recycled with little thought, such as beverage containers in states with a deposit law or plastic grocery bags returned to the receptacle at the supermarket. Metal, glass and cardboard are other examples. Now think bigger. Think urban. Think entire buildings being converted into a completely new space.[...]

High-rise of the future has a unique modular design

City center buildings of the future will need to take advantage of vertical space through smart and efficient design and technologies. The Regenerative Highrise concept does all of this and more.A [...]

Refillable cleaning product works by just adding water

You might refill water bottles, keep a reusable straw handy and avoid plastic shopping bags, but what about those plastic bottles of cleaning fluid you buy and throw away all the time? Cleaning products are a huge contributor to the world's plastic pollution. Now, JAWS is helping fight that problem. This is the Just Add Water system and it just might change the way you clean.[...]

Take a look at Toronto's first net-zero community center

Toronto, Canada is a city with a diverse and inclusive population. Inasmuch, community centers are a central component of the urban landscape. With a focus on that with the environmental landscape, the North East Scarborough Community and Child Care Center aims to achieve net-zero carbon status.A [...]

Using bamboo for reforestation and clean energy in Uganda

Each year, Uganda loses over 200,000 acres of forest to source wood for domestic cooking needs, such as firewood and charcoal. Unlike gas or electric stoves, biomass options are typically more affordable for the majority of the population. Yet, the use of firewood or charcoal poses health hazards and pollution risks to humans and the environment at large. In light of this, Divine Nabaweesi founded Divine Bamboo, an eco-friendly agroforestry and energy company. Her goal for the company was to stop deforestation in Uganda through bamboo forestry and use the plant as a base for clean biomass energy.[...]

How are native plants good for the environment?

There is balance in nature. From the decomposing materials to the roots of trees, the entire ecosystem speaks to each other in a perfect melody of support. This symbiotic relationship ensures all plants and animals receive what they need as they simultaneously give back to the environment. In essence, this is the reason native plants are so important.A [...]

Unique office design in India wraps around a green space

In Raipur, India, a new project called the Courtyard Office by Sanjay Puri Architects is redefining commercial architecture. The linear office space wraps around a landscaped courtyard. The effect of this sustainable building is one of privacy and tranquility both inside and out. [...]

Europeans eat jellyfish as Mediterranean population spikes

Scientists are partnering with chefs around the world to encourage people to eat jellyfish. This follows an unprecedentedA explosion of the jellyfishA population in the Mediterranean. The scientists are currently working with a team of Michelin-star chefs to put jellyfish pasta, salads, and soups on the menus.A [...]

As summer begins experts warn of soaring temps in US

On Monday, uncomfortably high temperatures took over the Great Lakes region, signaling the official start of the summer solstice. This summer promises to be uncomfortable if the heat felt now is anything to go by. Soaring temperatures are predicted across the States, from the Great Lakes regions including the Mississippi River Valley to the plains and portions southeast among the first recipients.[...]

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Supreme Court school prayer ruling stirs debate over how far religion will seep into campus

People are reacting to a U.S. Supreme Court decision that said it was OK for a high school football coach in Washington state to kneel and pray after games. The justices voted 6 to 3 that such prayer does not amount to an official "establishment'"of religion.

After Times investigations, state will investigate CSU sex harassment scandals

Lawmakers cited Times investigations uncovering inconsistencies in how harassment and retaliation claims are investigated across California State University.

Persevering through pandemic hardships, two members of the class of 2022 earn their diplomas

The class of 2022 pushed through pandemic losses, isolation and hardships to stay on track to graduate.

More Californians are gaining broadband internet access. But Black and Latino households still lag

Eighty-seven percent of white households had access to high-speed internet, compared with 83% of Black households and 80% of Latino ones, according to a survey.

Disorganized and dangerous: Students want answers after UC Davis commencement halted by heat

A week after excessive heat sickened dozens at UC Davis' outdoor commencement, students say the university showed dangerous mismanagement.

USC's trustees elect first woman as chair of the board as Rick Caruso formally steps down

Suzanne Nora Johnson, the next USC board chair, is a former Goldman Sachs executive with deep experience in running corporate and philanthropic boards.

California Community Colleges chief to resign as student achievement rises, enrollment plummets

Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley is stepping down as student achievement rises but enrollment declines in the nation's largest two-year public college system.

California bill would give $1,000 a month in short-term guaranteed income to homeless high school seniors

Senate Bill 1341 proposes a monthly, no-strings-attached check to eligible students for five months as they graduate.

'The longer we wait, the more young people are suffering.' Teen mental health needs help

Meta, Google are among those heeding the U.S. surgeon general's call to action on mental health, although they face criticism.

Column One: CRT, Trumpism and doubt roil Biola University. Is this the future of evangelical Christianity?

Biola University is facing growing disillusionment among young Christians who believe their faith should be more progressive and socially minded.

Will the L.A. school board runoff revert to the familiar mudslinging, big-spending format?

Brenes and Rivas offer a milder contrast than in some past fights, but opposing forces want badly to win.

Women, Black and Latino workers underpaid by California State University, study finds

Union organizers say the pay disparities among nonfaculty members highlight a failing CSU salary system that cannot offer competitive pay.

After his son died on a USC film shoot, a father is still looking for answers

The father of a Chapman University student from China said he was frustrated at the response to his son's death, believing that more should have been done to prevent such an accident.

Melvoin poised to win L.A. school board seat; Gonez in runoff; Rivas, Brenes battle for open seat

In a mild surprise, L.A. school board President Kelly Gonez faces a runoff, but remains a favorite. Unions fight to a draw in race for open seat.

'Never forget where you came from,' Jill Biden tells graduates of Los Angeles City College

First Lady Jill Biden spoke of the resilience and perseverance of graduating students during the Los Angeles City College commencement ceremony on Tuesday.

A sexual harassment scandal rocked Sonoma State. Now its president has resigned

The decision by President Judy Sakaki comes after a Times investigation detailed allegations of sexual harassment against her husband and retaliation by her.

Latina mothers, daughters and the pursuit of higher education a together

A UCLA grad whose college career overlapped with her mother's researched the joint journey of mothers and daughters pursuing higher education.

Overcoming obstacles and defying the odds, Whittier student graduates high school

Doctors said she might not live long enough to finish high school. But 18-year-old Hannah Lopez, who has Sanfilippo syndrome, proved them wrong.

L.A. County raises alarm about mysterious blue pills after three girls nearly die

The pills were sold as ecstasy to three 16-year-olds, but officials worry that they contained deadly fentanyl.

Claims that five San Diego State football players raped a girl were followed by months of silence

San Diego State University held off investigating at the request of police, who say their inquiry into the alleged October incident involving a minor is ongoing.

UC Riverside has big Latino enrollment, but is beset by funding inequities. Will it change?

UC Riverside and UC Merced enroll the highest share of low-income students of color in the UC system. Legislation aims to help them succeed with more funding.

After 3 teens overdose, school districts warn of fentanyl-laced ecstasy pills

Los Angeles County schools are sounding the alarm over fentanyl-laced ecstasy pills after three high school students overdosed.

Santa Ana's Mater Dei High, closed due to threat, will reopen with additional security

Mater Dei High School plans a staggered reopening with additional security personnel and safety protocols after a threat by a former faculty member.

Feds say Oklahoma man threatened repeatedly to bomb, shoot students at L.A. schools

A man who grew up in L.A. and allegedly harbored a grudge against schools that didn't accept him was arrested and faces federal charges.

Kamala Harris to announce student loan relief for California's Corinthian Colleges

The Biden administration plans to forgive loans for 560,000 former students of Corinthian Colleges, a group of for-profit schools that Harris helped put out of business.

Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana to close for week after credible threat

Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana will be closed through Friday because of a credible threat to the campus, school officials said.

L.A. City Council seeks to ban homeless encampments near every school, daycare center

The council instructed its lawyers to bar homeless encampments from within 500 feet of schools and daycare centers.

Asian Americans are typecast as successful students, but new report finds troubling gaps

Asian Americans are stereotyped as successful students, but a study finds 'disconcerting gaps' in college outcomes among 30 of their ethnic subgroups.

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Canelo Alvarez delivers 'personal' message to GGG: You're getting knocked out

Canelo Alvarez says he's tired of Gennadiy Golovkin, claiming the 168-pound champion is afraid to fight him, and promises to send GGG into retirement.

HernA!ndez: Bill Caplan has always been boxing's warm-hearted friend in a world of pirates

Bill Caplan has plenty of fond memories from working as a boxing publicist, including his escape from Venezuela with George Foreman.

The Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol rematch might not happen. Here's why

Dmitry Bivol is open to a rematch against Canelo Alvarez, but the four-belt Mexican boxing champion and his promoter might want Gennadiy Golovkin next.

HernA!ndez: Canelo Alvarez crossed a line many fighters have before in loss to Dmitry Bivol

By moving up in weight class to fight Dmitry Bivol, Canelo Alvarez crossed one line too many. He's not the first fighter to stray too close to the sun.

'It was my turn to lose': Canelo Alvarez suffers stunning loss to Dmitry Bivol

It was clear early that Canelo Alvarez could not mount a serious challenge to Dmitry Bivol, who sent the Mexican boxer to his first loss since 2013.

Who will win Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol? Experts offer their predictions

Can Dmitry Bivol upset Canelo Alvarez? Experts break down the fighters' skills and their match predictions.

What time does Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol start? How can I watch?

How to watch Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol, including the start time for ring walks and the main event.

Canelo Alvarez brushes off controversy, others ignore it on eve of Dmitry Bivol bout

WBA light-heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol hails from Russia, but that was not mentioned at Friday's weigh-in as the country continues waging a war in Ukraine.

HernA!ndez: Who is Canelo Alvarez fighting? Who cares? It's Cinco de Mayo in Vegas

Here's how boxing's tradition of Cinco de Mayo weekend in Vegas was handed down to Canelo Alvarez, who will fight Dmitry Bivol on Saturday at T-Mobile Arena.

Canelo Alvarez's obsession with golf could be his career after boxing

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez plans to be in the ring for at least seven more years, but his passion for golf could make for the perfect post-boxing career.

HernA!ndez: Oscar De La Hoya is back on the defensive following latest sex scandal

Fresh scandal adds to the past ones that have dimmed Oscar De La Hoya's star and tarnished his image, columnist Dylan HernA!ndez writes.

Lawsuit: Oscar De La Hoya accused of sexually assaulting woman twice in 2020

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, a woman says former boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya sexually assaulted her during and after a company trip to Mexico.

After sharing his battle with panic attacks, Ryan Garcia's next big test is in the ring

Ryan Garcia 'couldn't concentrate on anything' and explained why he had to stop boxing. His next challenge is proving he can fight again.

Brandon Moreno should be a fan favorite when UFC makes its return to the Southland

UFC returns to the Southland on Saturday with co-main events: Francis Ngannou vs. Cyril Gane and Brandon Moreno vs. Deiveson Figueiredo.

Fundora enfrenta a espaA+-ol GarcAa en cartelera de Davis vs. Cruz en Los Angeles

El peleador de peso superwelter, SebastiA!n Fundora se enfrentarA! al invicto espaA+-ol Sergio GarcAa en una contienda eliminatoria del Consejo Mundial de Boxeo que serA! el evento coestelar entre Gervonta Davis e Isaac Cruz en el Staples Center de Los Angeles el prA3ximo domingo, 5 de diciembre.

Una decisiA3n de peso se avecina para Canelo Alvarez tras su Aoltimo triunfo

El tamaA+-o importa en el boxeo, y esa realidad es algo que Canelo Alvarez debe tener en cuenta mientras toma una decisiA3n difAcil sobre su carrera.

HernA!ndez: A weighty decision looms for Canelo Alvarez after latest triumph

Size matters in boxing, and that reality is something of which Canelo Alvarez should be mindful as he makes a difficult decision about his career.

HernA!ndez: Canelo Alvarez ready for the most personal fight of his career against Caleb Plant

Caleb Plant hasn't been afraid to verbally and physically spar with Canelo Alvarez in the run-up to Saturday's title fight. Will it affect Alvarez?

Oscar De La Hoya contracts COVID-19, will not fight Vitor Belfort on Sept. 11

Oscar De La Hoya has been hospitalized with COVID-19. Evander Holyfield could be his replacement in a scheduled fight with Vitor Belfort on Sept. 11.

Fiery Canelo Alvarez savors win over Billy Joe Saunders, ready to chase next belt

Mexican star SaAol 'Canelo' Alvarez responded to English underdog Billy Joe Saunders' pre-fight jabs with a TKO in front of a record crowd in Texas.

12 best photos from Canelo Alvarez's defeat of Billy Joe Saunders

Check out pictures from Canelo Alvarez's TKO win over Billy Joe Saunders, who withdrew due to an eye injury following eight full rounds on Saturday.

Betting analysis: Will Canelo Alvarez beat Billy Joe Saunders?

Three super-middleweight titles are on the line as Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez faces off with Billy Joe Saunders? A detailed look at who is favored to win.

HernA!ndez: Canelo's unification fight remains true to sport amid circus acts

The significance of Canelo-Saunders might be getting lost in the hype around other gimmicky fights, but the matchup still holds substantial weight.

Commentary: Looking back at Ali vs. Frazier: 50 years since 'The Fight of the Century'

"The Fight of the Century" between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier continues to evoke vivid memories for those who witnessed it first hand 50 years ago.

HernA!ndez: Claressa Shields attempts to add to her legacy with pay-per-view event

Boxer Claressa Shields adds to her legacy on March 5, when she will take on Marie-Eve Dicaire in the main event of an all-female pay-per-view card.

HernA!ndez: Young boxer Ryan Garcia earns thrilling win, but he has work to do

Ryan Garcia, a 22-year-old from Victorville, was knocked down but recovered to beat Luke Campbell. The rising star is not a finished product, though.

Next stage of Ryan Garcia's career could come after Luke Campbell fight

Ryan Garcia's lightweight fight against Luke Campbell could be a litmus test for the 22-year-old rising star as he looks to challenge boxing's stars.

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